Kitamura Bujutsu Kai


It was born in Italy with other names in 1992 by Manrico Erriu, its founder and president. Following a long stand-by, it comes back to life at the end of 2019.


Kitamura Bujutsu Kai is a non-governmental body inserted within the WATANABE & KITAMURA Foundation and aimed at the dissemination of Bujutsu (ancient Japanese warrior disciplines) and ancient systems of development of psychophysical and spiritual potential, active and deep meditation systems through use of mudras, mantras, mandalas, ascetic rituals and retreats, a combination of esoteric Buddhism, Shintoism, doctrines, philosophies and ritual practices. The dissemination of Japanese culture takes place through courses, seminars and cultural events.


The institute divides its members into three types: practitioners, ordinary and supporters.


For affiliations you can fill in the registration form below, then we will send you details to make the payment.



Members will be able to support Kitamura Bujutsu Kai through donations or bequests starting from a minimum of € 25 per year.


The offer is free. The supporter can donate an annual contribution starting from a minimum of € 25.


Minimum annual fee for supporting members: € 25

Minimum annual fee for practicing members: € 25

Minimum annual fee for ordinary members: € 25


The annual fee includes the affiliation card.

The cost of shipping the card is the responsibility of the member.


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